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" The Future Of  
Communication  is 
Telepathy "

Christel Janssen

telepathic writing:EXPERIENCE yourself outside linear time, and write from unexpected but very REAL parts of yourself

  • WRITE from beyond space and time, cry, laugh, and feel uplifted from the truth of it

  • DEVELOP YOUR SENSES in a whole new way, wrap yourself in beauty,  break out of your old self, and choose a whole new YOU

  • MEET the poet, the artist, the wise one, your future self, your laughter, your passion, and many more! 

  • RELEASE all doubts, blame, and limitations and embrace your Telepathic Abilities! Can you imagine how to become 'your own Siri?' To be able to connect to anything? And trust what you perceive?

  • LOVE being intimate with yourself, as a foundation to be truly intimate with others.


For who: you, who is open, ready to receive and allow, to go beyond the mind, to write to the blank page, ready to change your perception


about Christel: "I offer telepathic writing salons where we write amazing stories, new perspectives, deeply felt poems, pieces that stretch our imagination, it is a safe space where I invite you to let a much bigger reality speak and live through you"

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