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Welcome to ...
Conscious Conception.

A 6-week course to Prepare your Mind Body and Spirit for the journey of conscious conception and parenthood and conceive the child you really want

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You Feel Disconnected from Your Body: You sense a disconnect between your desire to conceive, your past experiences, and the intimacy with your partner.

The Conscious Conception Course
is for You If...


Emotional Rollercoaster: You're caught in a constant emotional rollercoaster of hope and disappointment, searching for a more holistic way of conceiving.


Pressure from Timelines: The pressure of time is weighing heavily on you as you navigate the complexities of trying to conceive.

You know there is much more to conceiving than what meets the eye. You are ready to create a beautiful non-verbal bond with the soul of your baby.

Personal Guidance for your unique Journey

High Vibrational Live Sessions

App with 44+ guided meditations and Journaling prompts

Supportive Community

2220+ happy customers since 2009!


The Conscious      Conception Course

With Christel Janssen

For Women
6 weekly Live Group Sessions on Zoom
Start Wednesday, September 27th
12-1.30 HST 

The BabyAlchemyBreath is a unique way to achieve a strong non-verbal connection with your baby through daily breath-work to facilitate conception, birth, and the first nine months. 

Regain Body Confidence trust your body, release old energies from your system, play an active role in your fertility, boost your ovaries, and enjoy intimacy with your partner.

Reevaluate the true reasons you would like to conceive  Get in alignment with your deepest child wish, bring back choice in everything you do and align with the soul of your baby.

Develop your intuition and cocreate  the conception, and pregnancy with your baby for a healthy foundation that will last a lifetime. 

Understand the Energetics of the New Children

provide a perfect foundation so they will feel welcomed, invited, and already loved for who they are.

Maria M, CA

“Amazing!!!! Christel helped me develop trust in my own abilities and allowed me to make an independent choice about having a child, free from the expectations of others. And I got pregnant at the  first try!"
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Morgana James, HI

"As someone who struggled with fertility issues, I was looking for a way that would help me conceive more easily and give me the support I needed during pregnancy. It felt like a miracle. "
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Lisa Driver, MI

“Christel helped me to understand that birth is a spiritual process, and that by connecting with my baby my body responded with an effortless birth.  I wish every mother could experience this.”

Upcoming Book!!

A New Perspective of Conscious Choice in Fertility, Conception, and Birth. How to Create a non-verbal bond with the Soul of your baby and have a huge impact on the physical process of birth. Part memoir, part workbook, this book is deeply transformative for anyone ready to open up to the non-physical side of having children in these times.


Aloha, I am Christel

You are only one Conscious Connection away from your Baby.

I have two decades of experience in helping women connect to the soul of their babies to facilitate conception pregnancy, and birth. Every woman has the power to create a beautiful and meaningful connection with her baby based on a deep mutual understanding even before conception

Our App Telepathy9D.

Access other states of awareness, learn to connect to the soul of your baby, and access the power of your womb.

This app is an introduction into Telepathy. Classes can be purchased to gain full access.

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