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 Christel Janssen

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Teacher, Author, Lic.Acupuncturist, Medium Visionary, Qigong Master


(The Netherlands)

Christel Janssen is a multifaceted individual, embracing roles as a teacher, author, licensed acupuncturist, medium visionary, and Qigong Master. With a career spanning over two decades, Christel has dedicated herself to supporting women on their healing journeys, particularly in the realm of sexuality, conception, and pregnancy. 

At the young age of 22, Christel's perception of reality underwent a profound shift after spending a year in a floatation tank. This extraordinary experience forever changed her view, opening her to the realms of other dimensions and granting her the freedom to communicate. Telepathy became an inherent skill in her life, enabling her to converse with animals, establish deep connections with nature, facilitate communication with the unborn, assist in the birthing process, and provide support during the transitional stages of death. Since 2004, she has shared her knowledge and expertise by teaching numerous classes on energy perception, clairvoyance, and telepathy.

In her captivating memoir, "Forty-Nine Days," Christel delves into the realms of extraordinary communication with the afterlife. She unveils a possible future of technological advancement, recounting her personal experiences of telepathic communication on her computer screen with her beloved in the afterlife. Challenging the conventional understanding of telepathy as mere mind control, Christel believes that its true essence lies in "feeling from a distance" - a visceral, whole-body experience that transcends barriers.


Currently residing in Hawaii, Christel is dedicated to anchoring the concept that "The Future of Communication is Telepathy." Her primary focus revolves around raising awareness about the "New Children" and their profound desire for conscious births, fostering a harmonious connection between parents and these emerging souls. Her book "The Fertility Frequency" will be released in September 2023.  


Revitalizing femininity, exploring consciousness, and reimagining communication, Christel Janssen stands as a guiding light, inspiring individuals to embrace their innate potential and embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery.

Communicate to the Soul of your Baby
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