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"Spontaneous Movement is the body's own inherent ability to heal itselve through an active Dan Tian in Qi Gong - It is creating unexpected synchronicities in your life and opening your Intuitive Abilities and Spontaneous Movement is about allowing a bigger reality to speak through you."



(1969, the Netherlands) I am an Intuitive, Teacher and Author and I live and love in Hawaii. An inner call on a rainy sunday morning in February 2002 brought me here from Holland. Originally a licensed acupuncturist and Qi Gong teacher I have an extensive knowledge of Chinese and Tibetan medicine, and with my intuitive abilities I developed a thorough understanding of the energetics between body and spirit.
I offer classes and retreats in Hawaii. In 2005, I founded the Virtual School for Spontaneous Movement, where I invite others to deeply embrace life and allow a bigger reality to speak through
you. I offer live webinars, and
clairvoyant classes. Through my unique experiences with life beyond physical form I love to inspires others to see through the layers of life and death and to become All of You.
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