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 Live Online Classes

 6 - week live zoom sessions with Christel.  Every class comes with audio experiences on the app to practice during the week.  


Why Join the Telepathy9D. Community?

The Telepathy9D. community exists as a supportive group of women on their fertility journey, either aspiring moms,  pregnant mothers, or women wanting to explore Energy Maturity and Fertility in all forms.


Wide Range of audio sessions to develop Energy Maturity 

Unique & Simple Approach, with a strong and supportive community

Experienced & Professional Teacher

Available at a Click of a Button on your app

Hello, I am Christel

I have helped many women in their journey to embody their wisdom. Especially in Conception and Birth. 

Book a Free Call with me to see if BabyAlchemyIncubator is for you. Either with or without your partner.

Fill out this short form, 

and book a free call. I promise you will get tons of information out of it! 

Choose the Membership That Fits You Best

After completing one of our courses have access to a weekly live support group and enjoy brand-new material in our courses. 

6 Months

Best Value

1 Month

Cancel Anytime

How Energy Maturity Changes Our Lives


A Deep Trust in your Body

Overall Sense of Wellbeing

Reduced stress levels  and increased intuition

"The thing about Telepathy and Energy Maturity is: You become more and more YOU, and very clear about the child you want to have"

Christel Janssen

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