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"Because of this simple qigong exercise, and in telepathic connection with the soul of my baby labor was absolutely painless!"

The Telepathy9D app is an exceptional companion to the Conscious Conception course, offering over a hundred meditations specifically designed to help you connect with your baby's soul. This user-friendly app not only enhances your course experience but also provides a direct line with Christel for personalized questions and guidance, ensuring you have support every step of the way. It's an invaluable tool for anyone on the journey of conscious conception.

The App

Eliza (Single, Found Inner Strength): "As a single woman, I feared the journey ahead. This class not only equipped me with knowledge but also helped me discover an inner strength and readiness I didn't know I had. It's been empowering and transformative."

Rachel (Struggled with Fertility): "Struggling with fertility can feel isolating, but this class changed that. The support, knowledge, and techniques shared were instrumental in my conception journey. I'm grateful beyond words for the role this class played in my life."

Mia (Feeling Ready to Conceive): "This class transformed my outlook on conception. I feel prepared and aligned, both physically and spiritually, for this next chapter in my life. It's more than a class; it's a journey to readiness."

Anne (Long-Term Trying): "After years of trying to conceive, this class was a beacon of hope. The techniques and insights I gained were invaluable, and I'm overjoyed to say I'm now expecting. This class was a key part of my journey."


Who are the retreats and courses designed for? Retreats and courses are tailored for individuals and couples at various stages of their fertility journey, including those planning to conceive, pregnant women, and anyone interested in deepening their spiritual connection with conception and parenthood.

What can I expect to gain from the class? Expect a transformative experience focusing on spiritual and emotional aspects of fertility, including techniques for telepathic communication with the unborn, holistic wellness practices, and personal growth.

How experienced is Christel Janssen in these fields? Christel Janssen is a seasoned expert in fertility, conscious conception, and spiritual wellness, with over twenty years of experience as a teacher, acupuncturist, qigong teacher author, and practitioner in women's health.

How do I prepare for a class? Prepare by embracing an open mind and heart. Specific recommendations or pre-class practices may be provided upon registration to maximize your experience.

Can I attend the class if I'm already pregnant? Yes, pregnant women will find the pregnancy classes especially beneficial for connecting with their unborn child and preparing for labor and motherhood.

The DanTian Difference

Activate your Dantian in 30 days, access amazing self healing abilities, increased energy, opening of intuition and feel balanced and focused, start today through the app

The DanTian Difference
The DanTian Difference

Time & Location

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Jul 10, 2024, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM HST

Virtual Sessions from a Beach in Hawaii

About the Sessions

Are you on a profound journey towards motherhood, seeking to connect deeply with your inner strength and prepare your body and spirit for conception and childbirth?

Discover the transformative power of awakening your Dantian, an essential energy center within, often dormant in many. In Qigong, the Dantian is not just an energy hub; it's your gateway to intuition, creative potential, and the body's natural healing abilities. For women on the path to conception and preparing for labor, activating the Dantian is particularly powerful. A dormant Dantian can lead to fatigue, a sense of loss of direction, and a disconnect from one's body and potential—elements that are crucial to overcome in the journey of motherhood.

Embark on a journey of renewal with our Dantian Difference Course, specially tailored for women aspiring to conceive and those preparing for childbirth. Through practices centered around posture, breath, and awareness, you can awaken your Dantian to experience:

  • A deep, intuitive connection with your body and the life growing within.
  • Enhanced natural movements that aid in easing tension, crucial for preparing the body for labor.
  • A strong sense of direction and intuition, guiding you through the challenges of conception, pregnancy, and beyond.
  • An increase in creativity, identity, and a profound sense of well-being and happiness, nurturing a positive environment for both mother and child.
  • Reduced tension and stress, particularly beneficial in creating a harmonious prenatal experience.

What You Will Receive:

  • A daily 20-minute Qigong routine designed specifically for women on their journey to motherhood, ensuring you and your baby's well-being.
  • Daily lessons that adapt to your unique journey—whether you're aspiring to conceive or preparing for labor—delivered through videos, quizzes, and audio files straight to your inbox.
  • Access to a supportive community of women sharing this beautiful journey, along with four weekly live classes via Zoom, broadcast live from the serene landscapes of Hawaii.

Explore Our Nurturing Curriculum:

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to support you from the early stages of trying to conceive through to preparing for childbirth. Learn techniques to awaken your Dantian, release tension, enhance your body's natural energy flow, and prepare physically and emotionally for the transformative experience of motherhood.

What people say about the DanTian Difference:

"I got completely rid of my sore neck that I had for 15 years in a few times" -Carolina, Florida

" I always felt tired in the morning, wanting to back to sleep, almost bordering depression, the Qigong routine gives me so much energy, and excitement to start the day." -Brianna, Massachusetts

"I got so much more sensitive for energy, especially in my hands: understanding binqi, and being able to get rid of all the electro-smog in my body, made me another person. It is so wonderful, how I am now able to perceive my own tension, as something I can work with, not as something I have to suffer from." Chad, Ohio

"After a week, I feel much taller in my body, my friends even say that I walk and sit more upright. I was always slumped, that was just how I was I thought, but now, my dantian, makes me sit up straight, and it feels so good" Tiara, California

"What I like the most is that I feel so much more stamina, especially in bed!" Karl, Sweden.

"This covid made me into the worst person ever, but now that I learned to feel my energy, and do the simple exercises. I am feeling happier than I have ever been in my life." Chan, Hongkong.

"Wow, wow, wow, this sh#%T freaking, really F#%king works!! Chris, Alaska.

"I only practice 10 minutes a day, and I feel completely different!" Maria, Amsterdam

"It took me 10 days, but then I really started to feel, that weird sensation in my belly, I can really feel how my dantian is active now, and it gives me so much focus in my life!" Bianca, Amsterdam.


  • The DanTian Difference

    30 days, of a daily routine and short video's in the Telepathy9D app and joining weekly live classes on Zoom

    +$2.48 service fee



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