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Couple Hugging in Nature

Personal Retreats

and on Kauai

Immerse yourself in the profound journey of conscious conception with our private luxury retreats, available as intimate 3-hour or 6-hour experiences on the breathtaking island of Kauai, or as a transformative virtual retreat.


At the heart of our offering is the deep understanding that birth is a spiritual event, a sacred dance of life unfolding. In the tranquil and lush surroundings of Kauai, or in the comfort of your own space virtually, this retreat serves as a nurturing environment where you can connect deeply with your reasons for wanting to conceive. It is an opportunity to align your mind, body, and spirit, sending out a clear and potent signal to the universe and initiating a profound, non-verbal bond with your future child.


Guided by Christel Janssen, you will dive into a profound exploration of the essence of conceiving, crafting a purposeful and intentional pathway towards parenthood.

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