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About the Courses
Telepathy to communicate to the Soul of your unborn baby


Telepathy originally means 'Feeling from a distance'. It is the ability to bypass the mind and experience energy in its purest form. 


This is an invitation to go beyond the current approaches to the birth process. Although modern medicine has made great strides in understanding conception, pregnancy, and birth, the perspective remains primarily biological, mainly focused on the mother alone.

We a new form of spiritual midwifery. Birth is viewed as a miraculous spiritual process that allows a soul to come into physical embodiment. All expectant parents, be they mother or father, biological or adoptive/surrogate are invited to participate in making a beautiful nonverbal connection with the incoming soul, resulting in a huge impact on the physical birthing process.

You are invited to develop a deep spiritual connection to your baby long before delivery. Thus the entire process of conception, pregnancy, and birth is much smoother and more fulfilling for the mother, father, and child, eliminating much pain and trauma often associated with pregnancy and childbirth.


The 6 steps of  the process:

1. Connecting beyond the physical: Birth as a Spiritual Process

2. Preparing your body, what your body needs

3. Making a Conscious choice to Conceive

4. Develop Energy Maturity- Sovereign Parent, Sovereign Child

5. Opening beyond boundaries, Developing a non-verbal relationship

6. Conscious Conception


A proven system to connect to your baby and experience this connection in your physical reality as an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth. You can experience this connection already as early as before conception. 

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"The course comes with an app to go through the Experience in your own time in between the live sessions. It really helped me to stay connected"

Sarah, Washington

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