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Weekly live Zoom sessions

Communicate to your Baby for Conception

6 Group sessions. You are only one conscious connection away from your baby. Start June 13

Baby Alchemy Incubator

‘Communicate to your Baby for Fertility’ is specifically designed to help you deepen your understanding of the spirit-body connection during conception and pregnancy, and to learn effective communication techniques to bond with your baby before conception. Some advantages you can expect from this program: Feeling more at ease about conceiving: During the class, you'll learn practical and spiritual techniques that will help you feel more relaxed and confident throughout the conception process. You'll develop a deeper understanding of your body and its natural cycles, which will enable you to make informed decisions about your fertility. Womb cleaning: Many women carry emotional and energetic blockages in their womb space that can inhibit fertility and cause discomfort. Through guided meditations and other exercises, the class will help you release these blockages and create a more receptive environment for conception. Understanding the spiritual part of conception: The class explores the spiritual aspects of conception and birth, helping you connect with the divine wisdom and intelligence that guides this miraculous process. You'll develop a deeper sense of purpose and meaning around your journey to motherhood. The 6-week class consists of six weekly 1.5-hour group sessions, during which we will dive deep into the various topics covered in the program. To help you stay focused and engaged throughout the course, you can download the app that provides personalized meditations and other resources to support your journey. The cost of the six-week course is $497,-, which includes access to all course materials, as well as continued access to group coaching after the six weeks for a low fee. Many women who have taken this course have experienced profound transformations in their lives, as you can see from the following testimonial: "I am so grateful for the 'Communicate to Your Baby' program! Not only did it help me conceive after years of struggling, but it also transformed my relationship with myself and my partner. I feel more connected to my body and my intuition, and I have a deeper sense of purpose and joy in my life 6 weekly group sessions: Connecting to your baby Energywork to prepare your body Conscious Choice Bonding and exchanging through a Telepathic Connection The Telepathy9. app with weekly new material Audio sessions Journaling Community