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Pre-Conception: 6 Private 1.5h Sessions

Baby Communication for Fertility and Conscious Conception

Communicate to the Soul of your Baby

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will not only change your life but also shape the destiny of your future child? Imagine a world where the process of conception goes beyond the physical, where the profound bond between parents and their baby-to-be begins long before birth. This is the realm of conscious connection, and the benefits it offers are nothing short of extraordinary. Here's what you can expect when you join our course: *Increased Fertility: We've witnessed incredible stories of women who were once declared infertile, now experiencing the joy of motherhood through the power of conscious connection. *Reduced Anxiety and Stress: Embracing this deep connection not only brings peace and harmony to your life but also alleviates stress for both parents, creating a nurturing environment for your baby's growth. *Drastically Lowered Miscarriage Risk: The profound connection formed during pre-conception significantly reduces the chances of miscarriage, providing you with confidence and assurance during this beautiful journey. *A Smooth Pregnancy: Experience a pregnancy like no other, as you and your baby dance in harmony, fostering a smooth and joyous journey for both of you. *A Co-Creation with Your Baby's Soul: Discover the wonder of co-creation as you connect with the soul of your baby, shaping a beautiful and unique path for their entry into this world. *An Easy Birth in Divine Timing: Prepare for a birthing experience that flows effortlessly and aligns perfectly with the divine timing of your baby's arrival. *A Healthy, Happy Baby: Lay the foundation for a healthy and joyful life for your child, filled with love and deep connection from the very beginning. Most importantly, your baby will be embraced with profound love and acceptance for who they truly are—right from the start. Imagine the impact of feeling deeply loved and cherished from the moment of conception! Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to embark on a journey of a lifetime, one that will change the cours 6 weekly private sessions attuned to you. Topics covered but not limited to: *Consciously Connect to your baby *Preparing your Energy and your Body *Energy Maturity *Fertility and conscious choice *The process of birth from a soul being view *How to be the best support to your baby *The Telepathy9. app with weekly new material

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Riverside Moloaa Bay, Hawaii, USA

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