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Pre-Conception: 6 Private 1.5h Sessions

Baby Communication for Fertility and Conscious Conception

Baby Alchemy Incubator

Conscious conception is based on the understanding that birth is in the first place a spiritual process. By focusing on the non-physical aspects of pregnancy and birth, you create a foundation for a deeply satisfying relationship with your child for the rest of their life. You'll feel more focused and fulfilled as a mother, knowing that you played an active role in bringing your child into the world. 6 weekly private sessions attuned to you. Topics covered but not limited to: *Consciously Connect to your baby *Preparing your Energy and your Body *Energy Maturity *Fertility and conscious choice *The process of birth from a soul being view *How to be the best support to your baby *The Telepathy9. app with weekly new material

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Riverside Moloaa Bay, Hawaii, USA

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