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Telepathic Communication Pregnant Moms

"You are only one conscious connection away from your baby" group sessions Start June7 with Christel

Baby Alchemy Incubator

A revolutionary new approach that empowers women to connect telepathically with their unborn child and create a deeper, and fulfilling bond throughout pregnancy and birth. By connecting with your baby non-verbally, you can alleviate fears and worries that often come with pregnancy and birth. Feel empowered and co-create the conception and birth experience with your child, rather than feeling alone or like a victim in the medical system. With a conscious connection to your baby, you can develop a new relationship of trust in your body, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need during this transformative time. Have an optimal preparation on all levels before birth. - Develop a routine to communicate with your baby. - Choose the right birth-plan for you, from a place of Energy Maturity. - Communicate to your baby, every step on the way, and have a bond for a lifetime. - Clear all obstructions to facilitate an easy birth, physically, energetically, and spiritually. - Co-create the birth with your baby. Get specific advice tailored to your specific situation. Optional: weekly Birth Qigong exercises.

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Riverside Moloaa Bay, Hawaii, USA

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