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Women's Conscious Conception Retreat

This course can no longer be booked.

5 day high vibrational sessions for women ready to conceive

  • Ended
  • Price upon request
  • Princeville Kauai

The Retreat

A unique five day program designed to forge a deep, intuitive connection with your future child, even before conception. Our Conscious Conception Fertility Retreat is a 5-day sanctuary dedicated to women's fertility and overall wellness. Set in the serene beauty of Kauai, this retreat is designed to empower you with knowledge and practices to enhance fertility, prepare your body for conception, create a non-verbal bond with your baby and creating a supportive community among women on similar journeys." You will experience ancient Hawaiian fertility sites, you will learn how to use water to increase your telepathic connection to your baby. You will dive deeply into your child wish, and let it be a guiding star in your journey. You will feel pampered and enjoy breathing with your baby. You will hike to sacred waterfalls, and experience what it is to be truly alive. Many women have become pregnant soon after the retreat. Of all the Hawaiian islands, Kauai is the island that represents new life, fertility and creation. Duration: 5 Days, 4Nights Telepathic Communication Sessions: Connect deeply with your future children. Daily Qigong: Specifically tailored for fertility enhancement. Mediation: Learn how to breathe with your baby as the foundation of your connection. Get in touch with your body and give it the trust it deserves. Empower yourself with extensive knowledge and practices for fertility that work. Join a community of supportive women sharing this journey. Focus on holistic well-being - physical, emotional, and spiritual. Day 1 : Introduction and Opening to your baby Day 2-4: Engage in workshops, sessions, meditations, hikes, and water experiences Day 5: Integration Practice and Farewell Pricing: $3300 per participant, inclusive of exclusive accommodation, meals by a vegetarian chef, and session materials. Unique Offering: Personalized one-on-one session with Christel Janssen. Access to an exclusive online community for ongoing support and connection.

Contact Details

Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, USA

""Kauai's Spiritual Essence: Fostering Deep Connections Beyond the Senses""

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