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Weekly live Zoom sessions

The Full Womb Awakening

Private 6 weeks session into your feminine sexuality and embodied awakening

Baby Alchemy Incubator

The Full Womb Awakening is a transformative course led by Christel Janssen, offering the opportunity to access your feminine sexual energy as a powerful way to tap into your own energy and experience Embodied Awakening. This course will delve into the concept of the Full Womb, guiding you to a profound understanding of its impact on your entire energy field. Through deep self-exploration and sessions designed to induce spontaneous Full Womb Awakenings, you can break free from feelings of emptiness, unfulfillment, and being stuck. By embracing your Full Womb, you will unlock a profound sense of fulfillment, both physically and mentally. The Full Womb Awakening will dispel misconceptions surrounding sexual energy and facilitate the integration of new information, resulting in improved health and a vibrant, radiant state for you. Exercises, including breathing techniques, telepathic writing, and journaling. With the personal support of Christel with intimate individual sessions, this course offers you lasting transformation, empowering you to access your deepest trust in yourself and live a life of joy, radiance, and fulfillment.

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Riverside Moloaa Bay, Hawaii, USA

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