About Christel Janssen (Netherlands)

Teacher, Author, Illustrator

She is the Founder of Spontaneous Movement, Telepathy 9D, and the Telepathic Writing Salon. 

A year in a floatation tank, at the age of 22,  changed her view of other dimensions forever and she discovered the freedom to communicate. Telepathy has always been a strong skill in her life, animals talk to her, she has deep connections to nature, she communicates with the unborn, assists in the birthing process, and helps the dying transition. She has been teaching hundreds of classes energy perception since 2004.  

Her unique extraordinary communications with the afterlife in her memoir Forty-Nine Days describe a possible future of our technological advancement as she experienced telepathic communication on her computer screen with her lover in the afterlife. 

Instead of Telepathy being  mind control, she is convinced  that Telepathy’s original meaning is about ‘feeling from a distance.’ Feeling with your whole body. And distance is metaphorical: beyond barriers.

She lives currently in Hawaii, writing, drawing, and offering Writing Salons. She is the host of the Telepathic Writing Salon podcast. 
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