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"Experience the wonder of connecting with your unborn child. A session with me is not just a meeting, it's a revelation—a heart-to-heart communion that transforms your journey into motherhood."

What clients say:

"My session with Christel was a profoundly visceral experience. It laid the foundation for my entire pregnancy, providing a deep sense of connection with my baby. The telepathic communication felt incredibly real and has transformed my trust in my body and my baby."

Payton Hillman

"The session was a revelation. I never realized how tangible a telepathic connection with my unborn child could be until then. It's completely changed my perspective and given me a profound trust in the journey ahead."

Maxime Johnson

"Experiencing a session with Christel was life-changing. The connection with my baby was so real and profound; it has laid a solid foundation of trust and understanding for my pregnancy and beyond. It's an indescribable feeling that has transformed my entire approach to motherhood."

Chloe Wilkins

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